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Entrants must be registered business with substantial economic activities either in Hong Kong or Macau for at least one year. The Award will be open to all qualified applicants including public-funded or non-government statutory institutions. However, HKSAR and MacauSAR Government departments or agencies are not eligible for participating in the Award.

Entrants must operate in Hong Kong or Macau.

Enterprises which employ fewer than 100 persons are defined as SMEs for Deignan Award.

Awards will be considered on the basis of a company, or a particular division of a company, rather than a project or individual.

Section 1 Company Background
All information provided should be accurate and will be kept confidential. If there is insufficient space, you may send in your particulars on a separate sheet of paper.
Company Name *:
Address *:
Telephone *:
Email *:
Website *:
Chief Executive:
Year Established:
Business Registration No *:
Password(Used for website login) *:
Retype Password *:
(Please attach a copy of Business Registration Certificate) *:
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Nature of Business:
No of employees:
Hong Kong
Mainland of China
Name of Holding Company (if applicable)
Contact Person:
Section 2 Part A: Questions to know more about the company
Describe your company’s overall CSR strategy / philosophy / activities based on following 4 areas
I. CSR towards employee:
II. CSR towards consumer:
III. CSR towards environment:
IV. CSR towards community:
Part B: Supplementary document to provide on CSR evidences
Newspaper clipping
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Poster and Leaflet
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Wall Banner
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Others: (Please specify)
Section 3 Declaration
Our company has come to know the award through the following channels: (You may choose more than one item)
Newspaper: (Please specify)
Publication: (Please specify)
Website: (Please specify)
Mail from Organizer
Poster and Leaflet:
Wall Banner:
Referral: (Please specify)
Others: (Please specify)
Stage 1 - First Round
  1. Candidates submit online application with self-reported CSR practice according to the application form. Access to application is from the official Deignan Award website. (application deadline 20 September 2024)
    After submitting the application form, applicants can use their Company Name, Business Registration No. and Password to sign in the system, amend the submitted data and provide supplementary information through the internet within the application period
  2. The pre-screening team will select three finalists each from Macau and Hong Kong based on the self-reported CSR practice as listed in the application form.
  3. The three selected finalists will be requested to submit further evidence and be prepared for site visit for the final judge panel to decide on the winner.
Stage 2 - Second Round
  1. The final panel of judges will have a close meeting discussion to assess evidence submitted by the finalists.
  2. The final panel of judges will conduct site visits at the premises of the finalists if necessary and make the final decision of the winner.
  3. The announcement of the winner and the award ceremony will be on 15 March 2025

I hereby declare that the information given above is correct to the best of my knowledge

I have read and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Award and agree that all decisions made by the Organizer and/ or its Judging Panels are final and binding in all matters relating to the Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Upgrading and Transformation.

I agree to my entry being publicized at the discretion of the Organizer and to assist the Organizer in associated publicity activities.

All information submitted by the applicants is disclosable for the assessment of their CSR practices and does not consist of any undisclosable personal information.

Key dates for your Calendar

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